Fragrance Oils in Mist Fountains

Use Lightweight Oils ONLY

I do not recommend using Fragrance Oils in Misting Fountains because they clog the ceramic disc. It is the ceramic disc that creates the mist. But,  if you do use Fragrance Oils or ‘ Scented Oils’  in your mist  fountain, use ONLY Quality Lightweight Oils

You must change the water, clean your fountain bowl, mist unit, and replacement disc more often when using oils in your fountain.
If you choose to use Fragrance Oils, select Quality oils, like ours.

Use ONLY a couple drops oil for each CLEAN BOWL of water. That is not the same as a couple drops every time you add water to your fountain bowl. You will clog your mist unit and/or ceramic disc with too much oil per bowl of clean water. So dump the water out everyday and then add oil. Better yet, dump the water out, use a Q-Tip and gently cleanse the Mist Maker and Ceramic Disc everyday to get all oil buildup off the parts. If you have a Tabletop Fountain, it will be very easy to do this, a bit more work with a floor fountain.

Even better…. to fill your home with the delightful fragrance of your favorite Fragrance Oil, use one of our Electric Oil Warmers! No Flame! No Soot! No Candles!

Real Essential Oils can be added as desired