Fragrance Lamp & Stone Burner Use and Care

How to Care for, Use, and Clean Fragrance Lamps
and Stone Burner Wicks


– fill your fragrance lamp 2/3 – 3/4 full with Fragrance Fuel. Run the Wick down into the lamp, allowing the Stone Burner to rest snugly on top of the metal band at the top of the Fragrance Lamp. Place the snuffer cap over the stone burner. Wait at least 20 minutes [ you can leave fragrance fuel and stone burner in lamp several days before lighting….. but have the snuffer cap on the lamp!.] remove the snuffer cap, light the stone burner and allow the flame to burn for 3 or 4 minutes. Blow the flame out and place the large decorative vented cap over the stone burner and enjoy .

When you want to ‘turn your fragrance lamp off’, do one of the following
1] If you are going to be lighting your fragrance lamp again in the next few days, place the snuffer cap over the stone burner. Then when you are ready to relight your lamp, remove the decorative cap and snuffer cap, and just light the stone. No Waiting! Blow flame out in 3-4 minutes and replace the vented deco lid.

2] If you are NOT going to be using your lamp for weeks, after the stone cools to the touch, remove it from the lamp. Place your burner and wick on a clean paper towel allowing the towel to soak up the excess fuel. Then pour about 1/3 cup 4-In-One Solution for fragrance lamps into a clean bowl, and swish your burner/wick around in the solution. Now dump the solution out of bowl and discard it.

Care of Stone Burner and Wick for Fragrance Lamps
– IF you turn your fragrance lamp off, keep the snuffer cap on your fragrance lamp. You’ll ruin any fragrance fuel left in the lamp if you leave the snuffer cap off. The antiseptic evaporates and your fuel will no longer burn
– NEVER Use Any Fuel or Fuel Oil Other Than Fragrance Fuels That Are Made For Catalytic Effusion Fragrance Lamps. It won’t work and you will ruin your Stone Burner
DO NOT soak a dirty stone burner /wick in the solution. The sediments and gunk will come out of your stone, sure, but then you will be soaking your stone burner in dirty solution! So what have you accomplished?

– your Stone Burner/Wick will have a very small wire that goes over top of the burner. DO NOT EVER REMOVE, ADJUST, OR IN ANYWAY MESS WITH THAT WIRE.

A Catalytic Stone Burner and Wick is not like any other type of wicks.
– DON”T do anything to your stone burner and wick, but keep it clean and follow these instructions.
– Do not pull, or push, the wick up into the stone burner like a traditional wick. These wicks are just not made that way and you will ruin your stone burner and wick.
– to clean your stone burner and fragrance lamp at the same time, burn some 4-in-one-solution in your fragrance lamp. Then you’ll clean your lamp,burner, and your breathing air all at the same time
– DO NOT use “home made” fragrance fuels! They may work in your fragrance lamp for awhile, maybe a day or two, but you will ruin your stone burner wick! The manufacturing process of Fragrance Fuels for Catalytic Effusion Fragrance Lamps is an exact science. It takes months to create a new scent and get the exact amount of CORRECT ingredients to all work together and to INSURE THAT THE INGREDIENTS WILL WORK AS THEY SHOULD IN A FRAGRANCE LAMP AND TO INSURE THE FRAGRANCE FUEL WORKS CORRECTLY FOR A STONE BURNER WICK!

Fragrance Lamp Safety Tips
1. Treat fragrance fuel just like you would isopropyl alcohol. Do not store it next to an open flame and do not allow children to touch your Fragrance Lamp while in use.
2. Never leave the stone burning with an open flame
3. Use the small funnel included with your Fragrance Lamp to pour the Fragrance Fuel into Lamp. Always clean any spills of fuel immediately and before you light the lamp.
4. Don’t fill your lamp all the way to the top. 3/4 full is fine
5. Never place snuffing cap over an open flame.
6. Do not refill the fragrance lamp until stone burner is cool to touch.

Fragrance fuel is fragrance oil suspended in an isopropyl alcohol base. This fragrance lamp fuel is the base of the catalytic process which diffuses the fragrance into the air.

My Testing and Abuse Results
The instructions provided above are based on the basics included with Catalytic Fragrance Lamps, with my own updated findings over the past couple of years. The testing and research I have done has taken me thru several of the Stone Burners while determining what can and cannot be done with these stone burners. I’ve ruined several stone burners, but then New Leaf Aroma came out with their latest stone burner and I can happily test, use and abuse my stone burners as I please and they still continue to keep on going!

Our latest Stone Burner Wick lasts longer, are much easier to care for, and can take more abuse or forgetfulness. Like when you forget to place the snuffer cap on when all the fuel is gone. I have left the snuffer cap off for weeks after all fuel was gone! I add more fragrance fuel, let the wick soak with snuffer cap on, and fire the lamp right back up again!If your lamp goes out [runs out of fuel] and you don’t put the snuffer cap on immediately, NO PROBLEM! Our new Stone Burner Wicks will fire right back up even if you leave the cap off for a few days! – I DO NOT recommend anyone trying the experiments on their Fragrance Lamps and Stone Burners, I have done this testing for you.

If you haven’t tried one of the new Stone Burner and Wicks by New Leaf Aroma, you are missing out on a great stone burner. They are so much easier to care for.


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