How To Make a Mist Fountain


For the basics you will need
* A bowl of your choice
* A Drill to make hole in your bowl [not a ‘must have’ – see below]
* a Glass/ceramic specialty drill bit [only IF you want a hole in your fountain bowl]
* a mistmaker
* AC Adapter power Transformer
* a center stand and a Lid -to prevent splashing.
* you can use a metal center stand or a plastic ‘splashguard’ [to set inside the fountains bowl to hold the mist maker, and the lid sits on top]

*Drill a hole in the side of your container, near bottom, with a diamond cut bit. The hole must be the same diameter as the Mist Unit cord so buy drill bit accordingly.-*see note below

**a hole is NOT an absolute must. Save time, money, and work! Don’t drill a hole. Let the cord drape over the side of the bowl/container/pot, like the one I made shown below. You can slide the plug [on mist maker unit cord] further down the cord so it won’t show.

Create an indoor fountain

Create a Mist fountain

 An Indoor Fountain Creation

My First Misting Fountain Design


* Put the Mist Maker Unit in your bowl
* IF you made a hole, put the mist maker cord thru it. Push the plug on the cord through the hole [wet the plug to make it easier]
* Put center stand or splashguard in fountain bowl
* set mist unit in bottom of center stand
* put the small matching Lid on top of the center stand
* Fill your bowl with clean water to ABOVE the sensor`on mist unit
* Connect the mist maker unit to the a/c adapter and plug into the wall.

Enjoy your Custom Misting Fountain Design that YOU made yourself!

A good mist maker unit has a water level sensor. It may have an upside down “U” or a ’round ball’, or a ‘stick with a tiny ball on the end of it, that’s the water level sensor. Keep the water level ABOVE the sensor.



Do you hang flowers outside in the summer? BIG FLOWERPOTS? and have you ever used a ROD IRON HANGING Bracket? Good. You can use one of those ROD IRON brackets to mount a Wall Misting Fountain from any chosen spot. You need:

– ROD IRON bracket [or something to hang your fountain on] and you can customize your hanging fountain bracket too! all you need is imagination
– Hanging Flower basket, the sturdier the better. OOOOORRRAA. IF you can find a hanging assembly for a hanging mist fountain, USE IT! but unfortunately, I aka MountainHigh,
am all sold out
– mist maker unit w/ac adapter

– splashguard
– lid

If using a Rod Iron bracket, [get one at any dept store or hardware] decide where you want your fountain to hang, and SECURELY mount the bracket with the screws included.

– Place the Hanging Assembly on a flat surface
– set a proper size bowl in the center – it doesn’t have to be the exact shape of the hanging pot
– Use the Chain, and hook each loop on the holder, to the 3 ends of the chains
– Carefully pick up the end of the chains that come together at the top end and lift the bowl and Hanging Basket.
– Hang the Hanging Basket from the Rod Iron Bracket or your pre-chosen place
– put the mist unit and splashguard in the bowl, add water, put lid on top of splashguard, wind the mist unit cord up and around one of the chains or the bracket, hook the a/c adapter to the mist unit, and enjoy


Add a WATERFALL EFFECT with an underwater pump – with mine, I have a pump and 2 mistmaker units going in the 18″ metal bowl

How to build, design, make a Mist Fountain or waterfall, with fountain replacement parts like: splash guards, lids, floor and tabletop fountain stands and fountain bowls.
Learn how to make a wall fountain.

Make your own Indoor Waterfall Fountain with a large round bowl, or a Lotus Bowl and an underwater waterfall pump. As of 2/22/2011  I still have some of these parts- small bowls, 16mm replacement discs, underwater pumps [for small bodies of water like a fountain] and mist fountain a/c adapters. Contact me here if you wish to inquire about any of these items.