How to Remove White Rings in Mist Fountain Bowls

Do you have a white ring  around the inside of your Mist Fountain bowl?  That white ring is caused by Mineral Deposits In Your Water.
Clean it off like this…..
– Use white Vinegar to remove any rings or stains from your mist fountain bowl caused by mineral deposits. Take a clean cloth and place it over the top of a bottle of white vinegar. Now turn the bottle upside down to get the cloth wet with vinegar. Use that vinegar soaked cloth and wipe the white ring off your fountain bowl. It is simple and efficient.

DO NOT USE DISTILLED WATER IN YOUR FOUNTAIN! Your fountain needs some minerals in the water to make it function correctly
I personally use regular tap water, -aka city water- in my fountains.
IF you have very hard water, use Bottled Water but NOT Distilled water. If you do have hard water but filter it before using, it’s ok to use in your mist fountain too-unless it’s extremely hard water!