Mist Fountains and Negative Ions

What Are Negative Ions?
Negative ions are are the God given ingredient created in nature, and now with negative ion generators aka cool mist humidifiers aka Misting Fountains . Negative ions are created in nature with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation, and moving air or water. The action of pounding surf creates negative air ions and we also see it immediately after spring thunderstorms when people report lightened moods
Negative ions are odorless tasteless molecules that are breathed into our respiratory system. High concentrations of negative ions can be found in nature in mountain forests, waterfalls, and beaches where people feel energized and invigorated, which helps relieve stress, alleviate depression, boost energy. – and Mist Fountains generate negative ions

Benefits of Negative Ions

Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy – and Mist Fountains generate negative ions
They also protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation.

And for a whopping one in three of us who are sensitive to their effects, negative ions can make us feel like we are walking on air. You are one of them if you feel instantly refreshed the moment you open a window and breathe in fresh, humid air.

How Negative Ions Purify the Air:
Most all particles in the air have a positive charge or are positively ionized, while negative ions have a negative charge. Negative ions are drawn to these positively charged particles by magnetic attraction to one another. When there is a high enough concentration of negative ions in the air, they will attract to floating particles in large numbers. This causes the particle to become too heavy to remain airborne. As a result, the particle will drop out of the air, keeping them out of the breathing zone and out of the respiratory system where it can trigger breathing and health problems. The pollutant particles can be collected by normal cleaning activities, such as dusting or vacuuming.

Negative ions help prevent respiratory-related illnesses -and Mist Fountains generate negative ions

Negative ions counteract the effects of smoking.
High levels of negative ions neutralize the effect that tobacco smoke has on the cilia. Cilia are the microscopic hairs located in the trachea that move rapidly back and forth to prevent pollutants and toxins from traveling into the vulnerable areas of the respiratory tract. The faster the cilia move, the more effective they are. However, tobacco smoke slows down the ciliary beat, diminishing the body’s ability to keep cancer-causing pollutants from entering the depths of the respiratory tract. Tests have shown though, that adding high levels of negative ions to the air accelerates the ciliary beat to normal levels (Soyka, 1991).

Negative ions are a natural anti-depressant – Mist Fountains generate negative ions
Negative ions for a positive attitude – Mist Fountains generate negative ions
Negative Ions help us to sleep better – Mist Fountains generate negative ions

A recent study by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found that negative ion treated rooms led to 52% less dust in the air, and 95% less bacteria in the air (since many of the pollutants found in the air reside on floating dust particles).

Scientists have shown that negative ion generators -aka Mist Fountains – reduced bacterial levels in burns and plastic surgery units by over 96% after a two week period, which results in much better and more rapid healing of patients.

Partial List of Types of Pollutants Removed by Negative Ions
*Smoke *Dust *Dust Mites *Solid Particles *Pollens *Mold Spores *Dead Skin *Chemicals *Insect Feces *Allergens *Animal/Pet Dander

The LACK OF NEGATIVE IONS IN THE AIR causes irritation syndrome, sleeplessness, irritability, tension, migraines, nausea, heart palpitations, hot flashes with sweating or chills, tremor and dizziness. The elderly become depressed, apathetic and extremely fatigued.

Our body systems will not adequately function without negative ions. Negative ions promote healing and good health to the total body and are utilized by all body systems. Negative ions can be used to treat illness and improve health, and Mist Fountains generate negative ions.
Adding moisture to the air in your home via Mist Fountain, Indoor Waterfall or our Ultrasonic Misting Diffuser provides many benefits to your health

Some effects of POSITIVELY ionized air
Some particularly elderly people may experience difficulty in breathing; asthmatics wheeze, rheumatic people feel their joints, and in general, sleeplessness or insomnia, irritability and tension are there for the asking. Hair and skin have an ‘electric charge.’
Migraine patients suffer with nausea and vomiting, and optical disturbances. Heart cases complain of palpitations, heart pain and oppression. Women before the age of menopause complain of hot flashes with sweats or chills. Hay fever patients get bad attacks of rhinitis with conjunctivitis, though this may not be the real hay fever season. Giddiness, tremor, and balance disturbances may appear, as well as diarrhea and a constant desire to urinate.


Proper humidification allows you to maintain a comfortable living environment, while protecting your investments, and eliminating static shock.
# Allergens, dust particles, and cigarette smoke (among others) can contaminate the air we breath causing an increase in allergies and respiratory irritations. Effectively purifying the air can significantly decrease these effects. Mist Fountains and Waterfall fountains provide humidification
# Dry air affects everything around us. Plants droop, paintings craze or crack, furniture joints loosen, moldings shrink, and wallpaper will loosen due to the loss of moisture. A lack of humidity can cause warping and splitting of furniture, woodwork and hardwood floors. Wooden instruments such as: woodwinds, strings, and even pianos, loose pitch and can be prone to cracking and warping as well.

Indoor humidity levels in winter should be around 30 to 40%.
Wintry cold air holds less moisture, and when it is heated indoors becomes even drier, setting the stage for itchy dry skin, sinus attacks, dry eyes and the like.

* Humidifiers reduce the possibility of winter infection by keeping the mucous membranes moist and allowing the tiny hairs in the nose and throat to work to expel any particles that were suspended in the air.
* Dry aching sinuses receive a great deal of relief from a humidified bedroom.
* Sleep with a snoring partner? Fountains relieve the intensity and noise level of the snoring.
* Cold symptoms are greatly relieved by using a fountain in your bedroom at night.
* Dry, itchy skin is prevented, and chapped lips are relieved
* Unpleasant static electricity shocks are reduced
* Valuable wood furniture and floors, musical instruments are protected from cracking and warping.

So that about does it. I know that using mist fountains and waterfalls in your home greatly benefits health. That is why I created MyFountainDesigns.com to begin with. I KNOW they benefit health and I know mist fountains and waterfalls.
I hope this has helped answer some questions about “why misting fountains and waterfall fountains improve your health”