a Grand Re-Opening???

Ok, I took a year off from selling on MyFountainDesigns- ok – a year and a half! But am thinking about opening her back up. I mentioned earlier on my main blog – http://MountainHigh.wordpress.com – about selling the domain name- MyFountainDesigns.com , but I just didn’t/couldn’t do it! I have alot of blood, sweat and definitely tears in that biz 🙂 so I just kept it. Its mine, soooo- IF the value of the U.S. dollar EVER goes back up [when obama goes OUT] I WILL open back up! So then all Mist Fountain, Waterfall Fountains, Negative Ion Generators, and deco Cool Mist Humidifier lovers will be able to get the BEST Fountain Parts, always at the lowest prices on the web, once again.

Now, don’t that make you smile? 🙂